The Society for Social Health & Well-Being Community Hub

A place to learn, share and connect for all committed to creating meaningful connection & community.

About Us

We are co-creating a union of professionals committed to bringing more connection and community to the world we live in.  This BETA online resource will serve as a hub for resources, affinity group creation, shared learning opportunities and collaboration for the global collective. 

The Collective Approach

The Society for Social Health and Well-being is the global collective of professionals and organizations committed to addressing the lack of human connection & loneliness perpetuated by modern day life.

As a non-profit, our mission is to accelerate public awareness and build a coalition for professionals doing the work to solve the pervasive modern-day challenge of social disconnect and isolation.  

Better Together is our mantra.  We aim to support each other in the journey and learn and share each other’s best practices.  We believe that creating a greater awareness and access to solutions regarding Social Health is best achieved when committed resources work in harmony. Together, we are working to create one voice, a common mission, standards, resource guide and prevalent awareness. We believe this will help solve the modern day disconnection which manifests in loneliness, hyper-individualism, and all the mental and physical illnesses that emanate from lack of community.

Why Should You Join Us?

Because we need you.  We need to be together in our shared purpose, together in our work and life's journey, together in our efforts to solve loneliness, disconnect and all the dis-ease that follows.

There is no cost.  We only accept donations based on your capacity to give and willingness to support the cause.  

A Big Thanks

We are so grateful for all of our founding members that joined us on day one with an open heart, abundant mindset and generous donations.  The veritable who's who of "meaningful connection" work has now assembled because of your vision, courage and support.